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YouTube AI will do what now?

Episode Summary

Lauren's headed to a girls' weekend in Vegas, but before she jets off to sleep for 16 hours a day, we take a trip down memory lane with some Discovery Zone and Teen Witch references. (The millennials in the audience know whattup.) All that, plus a look at Head of YouTube (don't call him the CEO) Neal Mohan's first official letter to the public after kinda stepping into former CEO Susan Wojcicki's shoes. Meanwhile Kai Cenat is breaking subscriber records on Twitch (to the delight of a LOT of creators and also Drake) and the Ninja Kids are opening up a mini theme park. Lauren also boasts about some Jellysmack x Roku wins and did you know there's now a channel that just plays Rocky movies on loop 24/7! Yo Adrian! We did it!

Episode Notes

Yo Adrian! We did it! This episode's got it all: 

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