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Strikes, Streamys, and Strange AI Commercials

Episode Summary

Got a favorite creator? Nominate them for the Streamys! Our very own Joshua Cohen, co-founder of The Streamys, kicks us off with news of the show's move earlier in the year, and a new partnership with Rolling Stone. Get those noms in! Then, we move to two downright nightmare fuel inducing AI commercials which can be best described as scenes from what the monsters under your bed at night are all up to during the day. Fortunately for us, the mediocre depiction of reality is the best AI can produce...for now... Continuing on with a nightmare unfolding before our very eyes, TikTok's news of an enhanced creator fund stands in the shadow of their US Head of Safety leaving the company. Every week it's something new...good thing we're a weekly show! Finally, we spend significant time discussing the ongoing strike by the Writer's Guild of America, the demands of the writers, the lack of counters by the studios, and our thoughts on how it may impact the creator economy given that the previous strike gave it a small push. PS, podcasts are now live on YouTube Music! Get ready! Here we go.

Episode Notes

Here's what we covered today: