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Could TikTok Actually Get Banned?

Episode Summary

After kicking off your Friday with a few minutes about Wednesday and Saturday Night, you'll listen in as Lauren and Josh speculate on TikTok's future in light of new proposed legislation which could see the app banned from the American market. If you're lucky, you might see the first of TikTok's premium content, which the app is dubbing "Series," per an announcement this week. Plus: woohoo! You can swear on YouTube again! And if you create on Shorts, you could even see as much as 2 cents per thousand views, judging from Zach King's latest comments on YouTube's newest monetization vehicle. And finally: we round out with a quick take on the Wojcicki sisters getting their own Barbie dolls.

Episode Notes

Quick, before this podcast gets banned: here's what we talked about on the episode: 

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