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It's not Influencing. It's Deinflucing.

Episode Summary

Deinfluencing is a new tend that may just be influencer marketing, but may also not be influencer marketing - and instead the latest example in a long line of trends that put the "authenticity" back in social media. We have Leila Marsh of Prizma Management on to tell us all about. Your girl Lauren was also LIVE on Bloomberg (from her blurred out closet that's a lot less messy nowadays). She talked about Zuckerberg getting hip to users paying for verification on his platforms. He's also releasing a cool Telegram feature on Instagram and kinda calling it his own. We also get into TikToks' Creativity Program (aka its new Creator Fund) and can it make long-form videos happen? Meanwhile, MrBeast is uploading one video but like 9 language tracks to YouTube at any given time.

Episode Notes

::Stefan voice:: This episode's got it all, including: 

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