Creator Upload

Earnings Beats, Originals Beaten, and Creators Hit the Silver Screen

Episode Summary

Lauren's back in the closet! Today's reunion of our hosts begins with a brief analysis of The Information's first-ever Creator Economy Summit, including comments from TikTok and the D'Amelio family, before giving a quick recap of Lauren's appearance on Bloomberg. Did we mention Josh is kicking off VidCon Industry Day alongside Colin & Samir? Damn, our hosts are in demand! Moving along to a discussion on Alphabet's earnings including what that's meant for YouTube advertising numbers and the cannibalization of watch time into Shorts over the past two years, followed by a brief look at Meta's earnings beat amidst its "year of efficiency." Then, our thoughts on why platforms are shrinking and shuttering their Originals departments. Are executives underestimating viewing habits? Or is there just a lack of interesting content hooks a-la Hot Ones and 73 Questions? Finally, Cocomelon and Markiplier are hitting the silver screen, and A24 is snapping up creator talent left and right. We've got it all for you on this one!

Episode Notes

Here's what we covered today: