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The Creator-Platform Symbiosis, feat. Avi Gandhi

Episode Summary

Today: a special treat as we have creator economy expert Avi Gandhi joining this week as guest co-host with Josh! Lauren, amidst newfound fame via her recent Bloomberg TV appearance, will return next week. Then, we review the latest edition of Creator Clash down in Tampa and that ultra-viral, FAKE, Drake and The Weeknd smash hit made with AI. That's where the conversation heats up -- we chat about the future of rights management in the era of AI, and the symbiosis between creators and various platforms, such as Spotify (which recently inked a new creator deal with Jellysmack) and Snapchat, which just opened up a new layer of revenue sharing to creators. It's a can't-miss ep! Thanks again to Avi for joining us -- come back soon!

Episode Notes

Before the summary: be sure to follow Avi Gandhi! He's active across platforms; you can start here with Avi's LinkedIn.

Here's what we covered today: